Mission and Goals

USAR is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive cybersecurity protections and website optimization for our clients. Our multicultural team is committed to our clients and their needs. Whether there are projects that require development and implementation or day-to-day management, we provide high-level security on both the front-end and back-end which consistently exceed expectations. We confront the impossible.

Core Competencies

USAR develops websites for clients that require encryption and high-level security environments for websites and databases. Our team develops, manages, and creates content for websites and provides in-depth analysis in highly classified environments.

Our team has over 70 years of expertise in global, multimillion-dollar projects. Together we are able to research, identify and submit effective proposals that meet our client’s needs based on their individual requirements.

Each team member has signed non-disclosure agreements to ensure the highest level of confidence in our team and its dedication mitigating any security system threats. This cohort has been selected based upon their abilities in key areas of cyber systems maintenance and management.